Cleveland Cinemas | Marquee Rewards

Marquee Rewards

Marquee Rewards Basic Information

-Register your Marquee Rewards card by clicking the 'Register Card' link above and entering your info. 

-Earn 3 Marquee Rewards points for every ticket purchased valued at $3 and above* 

-Earn 1 Marquee Reward point for every dollar spent* at the concession stand. 

-Rewards coupons/vouchers will be on your account automatically once you reach a reward level. 


Rewards Breakdown







30 Marquee Rewards points: Free 44 oz Popcorn

60 Marquee Rewards points: Free 16 oz Fountain Drink

90 Marquee Rewards points: Free Movie Ticket**

300 Marquee Rewards Points: Night At The Movies: Popcorn, Fountain Drink & Movie Ticket**
*Marquee Rewards Points are not issued for gift card/alcohol sales or special events.
**Restrictions apply to Free Movie Ticket redemption. 
Not valid for No Pass Engagements/Special Events. 3D features require additional surcharge.

 Click here for a list of complete rules and guidelines effective 6/1/2021.