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ReleaseOctober 22ndGenreDocumentary DirectorLouie SchwartzbergCastBrie Larson,
Michael Pollan


Fantastic Fungi is a brilliant shift in consciousness film that takes the audience on a journey into the Fungi Kingdom, a harmonious, interconnected world beneath our feet which serves as the ultimate life blueprint to improve our world above ground. Simultaneously, the film takes us above ground to experience the stories of leading mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts who have tapped into the fungi kingdom for many beneficial reasons.

There is a "mycelial" network of organizations and individuals who are passionate about the film, the subject matter, and the cast as well as a groundswell of media covering the mushroom world so the timing could not be better to release the film. We will have fantastic social media and grassroots support for the release.


Assisted listening device available

Followed by a Q&A led by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Ohio Mushroom Society.