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ReleaseSeptember 14thRatingR Advisoryfor violence, sexual menace and references, language and drug use GenreDrama / Suspense/Thriller Runtime1:30DirectorDustin Fairbanks CastDavid Spade,
Bruce Dern


Audrey, a single mother to daughter, Cheyenne, is trapped in a constant struggle to make ends meet. When her grandfather passes away, she inherits the family's farmhouse, for which the lucrative water rights are coveted by Calvin -- a longtime business rival of Audrey's grandfather. Calvin's own grandson, Bobby, is on a mission to prove that he can take on the family business, and decides to take matters into his own hands by hiring the mentally unstable Rainy and drug-addicted Jawari to intimidate Audrey and Cheyenne into giving up the property. Once Bobby's goons realize Audrey does not intend to go quietly, the situation quickly spirals out of control.