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Marquee Rewards bonus points

Receive 2 bonus points when you see NOCTURNAL ANIMALS December 9th - 11th.


Pick up your FREE Marquee Rewards Card at any location and then register it online. Once your card is registered it will be active and you can start earning Marquee Rewards Points!

Earn 3 Marquee Rewards Points for every ticket purchased valued at $3 and above and 1 Marquee Reward Point for tickets valued under $3.* Earn one Marquee Reward point for every dollar spent* at the concession stand. Earn awards faster when you buy tickets to Bonus Points films or concession items! Bonus point features and concession items will be announced each week in our Sprockets e-mail newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet you can join here.

Award vouchers print up automatically as soon as you reach a reward level. No need to save up points and cash them out, they just keep adding up!
30 Marquee Rewards points = Free Small Popcorn
60 Marquee Rewards points = Free Small Fountain Drink
90 Marquee Rewards points = Free Movie Ticket**
Awards repeat every 30 points based on the above structure.

300 Marquee Rewards Points = Free Night at the Movies
Free Rewards Popcorn, Free Rewards Fountain Drink and Free Movie Ticket**

*Marquee Rewards Points not issued for alcohol sales, special rental events and Cleveland International Film Festival tickets.
** Certain restrictions apply to Free Movie Ticket redemption.  Not valid for No Pass Engagements/Special Events. 3D features require additional surcharge.

 Click here for a list of complete rules and guidelines effective 2/7/14.